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About Us

Shanghai International Model United Nations Conference, SIMUNC, is an international MUN conference aimed at spreading the influence of the United Nations among high school students as well as supporting the acts imposed by the UN. 

SIMUNC promotes a realistic United Nations experience with the most debated problems of the time and vehement debates among all the delegates coming from all different schools, giving the opportunities for delegates to demonstrate their leadership and their familiarity with history and world politics.

We Value ...

Academic Honesty

Throughout the conference, we expect delegates to collect datas and informations from all different sources in order to supports their standpoints as we value academic honesty as one of our core values with 0 exceptions that any forms of plagiarism could result in the cancellation of your delegation. Any written work (position papers, solution papers, etc.) should have a proper Chicago Style citation and a work cited page attached to it.

Delivery of Excellence

Delegates are required to push their limits during the conference; all delegates should engage in the conference during Writing Sessions, Moderated Caucuses, Unmoderated Caucuses, etc. 

Diverse Proposals

We encourage each committee to come up with various proposals to the problem as we expect delegates to view the situation from their countries’ standpoints as well as to debate between blocks and gain supporters.

Team Dynamics


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